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How to use my balance deposite to make next order?

i made a payment service on fiver but the seller is no longer able to my project and then he refunded my money. fiverr has sent a notification to my account and my balance become $15

today, I will push a gigs $20
how am I to use my Current Balance $15 in fiverr account, so that I can add $5 from my paypal ?


I just had to do this too since I had a $5 credit and wanted to buy a $10 gig. Just have the seller send you 2 custom quotes. Have them send you one for $15 and then another one for $5.

Use the $15 quote first so it takes your credit and you have a zero balance. Then you can accept the second $5 quote and it will take you to PayPal.

Most sellers already know how to do this and it benefits them since they get two order and two reviews. If the seller is new or hasn’t done it before, give them a link to this post and hopefully they will understand.