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How to use SEO title

What is SEO title? Has anybody used SEO title? Kindly explain.

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Yes i am using.
It very help for ranking.
use keywords or any tagline related your work.

How to use SEO title? Please explain in detail.

Yes, I have noticed my gigs are not getting ordered as often as before in the past month or so. I have just discovered this SEO function, but could not find any help in Fiverr’s communication on how to use it, what’s relevant, what’s not, it’s just a guessing game now. I’d assume I can simply throw in keywords I want to be ranked for, but would love to read guidance!
Hope this post will get many replys, I’ll be following closely!

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I can’t see this option on my gigs yet. It seems as previous way.
Can anyone help me telling me how to get this option ?