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How to use Shopping Balance which is less than the purchased gig?


Hey guys, there is still some Shopping Balance left in my account. How can use it, when I order a more expensive gig?
When ordering a new ‘gig’, I am asked to pay full price, no deduction (from my Shopping Balance) is made.

Happy to receive any hints.

Thanks you.


The price of the gig you are purchasing must not exceed your shopping balance.

For example:

  • You have $20 in your shopping balance
  • You would like to purchase a $25 gig

In this scenario, you would need to contact the seller and ask them to send you two custom offers, one for $20 and one for $5.


Hey guys, there is 4$ Shopping Balance left in my account.
How can i use this money
No purchase under $ 5 IN


I don’t even know how you could have ended up with a $4 balance, but I don’t see how you could use it. If it came from a refund on a gig that was $5 plus processing fee, you would have received $5 back. If you ended up with it by purchasing a gig with a credit card or PayPal, though, Customer Support might be able to just send you the balance back to that payment source. They don’t usually do that, but they make exceptions. You’d just have to contact them and ask.


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