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How to use the "Available Projects" section of Fiverr?

Selling > See Available Projects

I think it’s great that now (or maybe it’s always been there and I’ve never seen) buyers can request for sellers to come fulfill their request orders in a craigslist-esque fashion, but it seems that the only way to contact them is to leave an offer. I need to know more details than they usually leave before I can make an offer. How do you contact them otherwise?

For example, someone wants a song done for their vocals, and I feel I can do that, but I want to hear their vocals first before offering a price or deciding if it’s worth it. The list won’t even show their name, just picture, so how can I ask them for more details?


That section is the most dangerous and worst designed in Internet history. I suggest you to stay away of it.

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I’m learning that slowly.

I’m tempted to submit an offer to the guy with an $1,000 budget for “club hit needed” and I’ll just send them this

They’re right next to the guy who wants 4 songs made for $10.

Oh, memories of Elance come flooding back!

What makes it dangerous though?

It’s programmed in a way that thinks all the time you are using it to ilegally promote your services. Your account might be banned if you use it too frequently. It happened to me, and it took me two days and several emails to Support to actually make them LOOK at my profile and SEE that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. They trust more their algorithm than the person’s arguments and they reply most of the time with canned responses that lead to nothing.
If you try to get a sale there you’ll be in a fierce competition with hundreds of other sellers who just create garbage 5$ orders to drag the seller’s attention not even reading what the seller wants. It’s just useless and dangerous.

Do you know how much is “too frequently?” Wondering about the numbers so that I don’t get into the situation you did. Thanks

My advice is: if you EVER get a message from Fiverr saying that you are using this service for self-promotion, don’t you EVER dare to use it again.