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How to use the revision correctly?

Hello colleagues! Please share how you use revisions with your buyers?
I’m musician (bass player). For buyers, there are 3 revisions in my gig. The peculiarity of my work is that I can not record my instrument for the whole melody, and then get the changes from the client. So I send my work in parts and after receiving the revisions I send the final work and push “deliver work”.
The question is - if you send a demo for a client, did you press a button “deliver work” and than get revision,or you make necessary revision before complete all work and than you send the final work and press “deliver work”?

According to the TOS, we must submit final project using “Deliver now” button. If you want to send DEMO, please use another way. (chat or order conversation)

You can do it either way you choose. You can send it and see if they like it or just deliver it (this is the best way) and then do the revisions.

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Probably I will do it, thanks. Because if I send just a demo, in the process, and customers are asking for something to change there, then, after completing their requests, I send the final job (by clicking , Delivery Order,). And in this case, the customer retains the right to press the button , Revisions , 3 times.