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How to used

I want to know how to used Please help me with clear instruction every point about this. That was perfect if any tutorial.

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I would check the official site and also the FAQ section:


AND CO. is not for fiverr sellers. It is only for those who are self employed in some other way. It is to send invoices to your clients if you sell someplace else.


Fiverr Staff just added a new Forum section dedicated to And Co.

Check it out here: :anchor:


truth be told, I haven’t read it.
is it worth a read…?
If it’s going to be long and boring, I’ll need to pour myself a cup of coffee and
get a doughnut.

I read everything about the company and it’s for freelancers who need to send out invoices and sign up with a credit card processor and collect payments. It is definitely not for fiverr sellers.


Thanks for the help.

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I’ve signed up for an account. However, I haven’t had a chance to utilize for off Fiverr work. When I do, I’ll definitely be able to provide more information on the process etc. :slightly_smiling_face: