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How to view invoices as a buyer?


The help file says, login and click Orders.
Great, I am logged in as a buyer, but can NOT find anywhere the Button, option or feature SHOW MY ORDERS.

where the heck is this hidden?

ps: for the help files, please add a screenshot


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Hi @zahid0406 - could you please upload your screenshots?

My browser security went mad when I clicked on your links. :slightly_smiling_face:

@bernhard_rieder - are you looking for invoices or past orders? Fiverr has them in 2 different places for buyers. If in doubt, please drop CS a note.

  • I bought services.
  • I paid money for.
  • I would like to download all invoices I received and paid.

How to do that?


This may help you:


Those can help you-


No. It didn’t help.
I can not find the OPTION to click ORDER.


Suggest you contact Customer Support.

Here is the link :


Yes, I examine your problem. Pls, have a little patience.

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I can’t take a screenshot of the following steps, as it says in the bit you quoted, being a seller (too) myself, unfortunately invoices aren’t available to me as I pay with my balance and not with credit card or PayPal.



  1. But it’s impossible to find any of my orders
  2. Impossible to find the Button ORDERS
  3. Customer Support requests failed to send (an error is bouncing back)

I don’t want to say anything. But this is total BS.
As a Buyer I do need a CLEAR BUTTON to switch to all my orders.
I need to have an overview of all my transactions and payments. Annual overview for tax purpose.

The UI is a mess.
It’s annoying and the help files do not work with the current UI.

What the heck is going on here?
This is nuts!


Ha, yes… I tried… you can’t send any messages.
Great - it’s getting better and better!


That’s weird. Maybe first try clearing your browser cache and cookies, and a different browser (Fiverr supposedly is optimized for Chrome, so unless you’re using Chrome anyway, maybe try that) if that won’t help (because that might be the first thing support will tell you and you can speed it up if you can tell them you did all that already) and then contact support if it won’t work.

If your tickets don’t get through, you can mail them directly under It can take up to 24 hours (depending on their queue, longer) until they reply.