How to view my customer support ticket


I want to view my support ticket as I made a request to the CS team regarding my problem with the gig.
Can anybody tell me how to view my support ticket as they have sent me a link to the request but I am not able to see it.



Please you have to see your email that u connect with fiverr, if you dont see your email then again connect with custom support.


How can I review my current ticket which has been marked as resolved?


There seems to be a bug currently with seeing past tickets (unless that´s on purpose); as reported by several people on the forum lately, there was some update. I can´t see my own former tickets now either when I go to my help page as before, I just get a dropdown to submit a new one.


At first when this started I had a link that took me to my old tickets but now that doesn’t work. What the… ??


Getting same issue, not able to find previous tickets.


Can you please tell me how to view my previous Customer support ticket.I got a link in my email but I am not able to find the option of my previous tickets.cs

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