How to view my order?


The seller said that my order is ready but I can’t seem to find an attachment from her to view it. Can someone help me with this??


You should see a link or links with the email you got from the seller. So for example, I sell items which must be mailed, and when I tell my customers that I’ve shipped their order, I also send 3 or 4 photos so they’ll be able to see the item before it arrives. The photos I send are jpegs, so in greenish letters in one corner of the email, the customer can see something like name of the picture A . jpg, name of the picture B . jpg and so on.

If you ordered something which was sent as a text file or pdf file, then you should see the name of the file . txt or name of file . pdf If you don’t see any links within the body of the email from the seller, or somewhere in the box enclosing the email, then write to the seller and tell her that no files came through and to please re-send them. Also, just fyi, some sellers load files to remote sites which you need to go to, but she should have given you instructions as to how to retrieve your order.