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How to view open support tickets?

Hey guys, I am dealing with a seller on Fiver that has done a very bad job for me and is threatening me also.

I made some tickets with the Fiverr support team, how do I view them to see if Fiver has replied to me? I don’t see where I can view open tickets with the support team of Fiver?

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You should receive an email whenever you open a ticket or have a ticket replied to.

Just follow the link in the email to view its current status. :sunny:

Alternatively, go to
and click on your username to see all your tickets.


Thank you for this but when I click on that link, all the tickets I made, it’s like they have disappeared. I see nothing, just Contact Support dropdown.

Also I have not received any feedback from Fiver about anything

BUT the seller, now the seller is panicking and she has been notified from Fiver and she is threatening to sell my code to someone else and my idea and is writing alot of weird things to me, no idea what to do! I just want me refund, it’s like the seller is a stalker and is even trying to bother me on social media :frowning:

Just go to your order page, click on the resolution centre button and ask to cancel the order - easiest way.

Don’t you have the email receipts for your CS tickets BTW?

Click the aforementioned link and sign in. Once you do that your name should appear in the corner. Click “My Activities” on the top and you can see your support tickers there.