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How to way more effective reply buyer request?

How many word write ??
how many long ??
how many time spend Send Offer writing ??


If you ask me. Don’t even use Buyers Requests :laughing:
People want to take a huge advantage of new sellers. It’s like work exploitation in the past century but in a digital world.

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There is no simple n words written to get or not get a BR win.
There is no simple n sent per day to get or not get a BR win.

Look at the sort of value you get (and most people report) from BR and act accordingly.

I am currently at about 67:1 on a Submit to Completed BR ratio. 538:8 be exact.

Slightly better for a response but those extra responses normally are incoherent or demands to do free work to maybe qualify for the underpaid work that will never arrive so best not to talk about them as a valid statistic.

Of those 538 sent responses I have landed $232 which sounds pretty good. $29 average for a job.

The reality tho is that I haven’t landed a job since July. In that time BR has become less quality and more stark raving insanity and if it wasn’t for a couple of passably paid (as in not offensively underpaid) jobs, the average would be under $20 for specialist work. under $1 ph for what I did.

If I took the time sunk into BR against the returns, that would probably not even be $0.00 ph. These numbers are over one year. 365 days in a year. $232 return. Less than $1 per day for playing the BR game for a year.

So check if BR are worth anything in your life seeing you could be using that time to eat your toenails or have a punch-up with the neighbor and spend the night in jail - where you would get better food that you will ever pay for from BR “wins”.



It would help if your English was at least remotely correct.

Stop thinking that the key to getting a Buyer Request is length and time. Thinking about it: why would someone choose to work with you just because you spent a certain amount of time writing it?

People buy what proves it will solve their problem and they buy from people who communicate well. You obviously aren’t doing that.

I don’t understand why sellers don’t bother to improve their awful English and then wonder why no one wants to hire them.

And this isn’t an event so why would you put this in this section?


Aaah ms Social, as blunt as ever :slight_smile:

I considered commenting on that myself. On the seller side, it is almost impossible to even decipher what most BR want - even if they appear to have English as a workable language. That makes it dangerous to quote any amount. Just as if a seller has terrible communications skills investing in them is dangerous.

Being able to communicate effectively is a major part of any undertaking whether a taxi ride or buying an asset for your business. Assuming because you know it, everyone else does, or worse using guessing games as a test, is fundamentally unwise. Or to be direct myself, incompetent in the extreme.

I may over-communicate* but at least I am clear. People who don’t bother to even try to communicate are never clear or even able to answer any questions.


*failing of being Aspie I am told but being Aspie is also very common in dedicated Mix Engineers and musicians in general seeing we love the detail as much as the big picture

Yeah it’s not merely an inconvenience. There are countless ways for you to misinterpret each other, you can’t have a complex discussion, plus it makes every conversation longer and more taxing because you have to clarify every little thing.

Why would a buyer take that risk and add to their workload if someone else more qualified communicates better?

It also suggests you haven’t put the effort in to improve your English and mitigate those risks and it’s unprofessional to do customer service when you can barely communicate with the customer.


Thanks for your information this is very helpful.

It’s depend on your work

thanks for valuable advice @humanissocial