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How to Win Buyers Trust?


Mostly Buyers has short of funds in the account, but they want to complete their project ASAP.
I have faced this situation much time, I finish their work and after few days they pay.
It give them trust, and I only recommend this to your Repeat Buyers and also do it your risk.
So far, i was not cheated by anyone.


Payment has to be processed before an order can become active. Are you saying that they send you a message and you do work for them, and then create an order a few days later when they have money? That is a huge risk, and you shouldn’t feel forced into that position. You’re essentially working for free, in hopes that they will be able to pay you. If they can’t pay for what they need WHEN they need it, that’s not your responsibility to cater to them.

No matter who is buying from you, always protect your work by only working if the buyer has an active order with you (requirements have been submitted, clock is ticking, etc).
Anyways best of luck, since this hasn’t brought you any problems yet. But seriously, don’t do it, you’re letting buyers walk all over you and are ultimately devaluing your time and work.


Not to mention this post is a klaxon to the type of people who would help themselves–thereby abusing the seller’s trust!



You’re so lucky you haven’t lost out yet, but you will. Don’t advise others to do this. If people can’t pay for the work, don’t do the work until they can. This is business, not charity. Don’t gamble with being paid, it’s not worth it.


I have done this with 2 regular buyers and neither has been a problem.
The reason they gave for asking was that they are using the company account and do not have access to the credit card so they need the boss to make payment, however, they needed the work in a hurry. As they were small orders I had no problem with it and they paid me and thanked me. Not a recommended plan and understand that both of these buyers are businesses who have bought over 20 times from me, one is roughly once per week for a year.
If you do this and they do not pay you will not be covered, Fiverr will not be able to do anything about it for you.


well it is not a problem to work with someone when he/she messages you . you can send him/her the end product with watermark just like fiverr do in that way no one can cheat…


Fews days ago I fall in a problem. A buyer inbox me and told me to redraw a logo. He told me that If he like my work he’ll buy. Next day I send him the work and told him if you want to modify something please tell me. But he reply me not happy. But he at least can tell me to modify the work. Of course, I will give him best service with unlimited revision until his satisfaction like other buyers.


Don’t work on anything until the order is placed. This buyer has now received your work for free and you can do nothing about it.


All people who are saying that do not give service without doing order,
I have clearly mentioned repeated buyers (the buyers who have worked with you at least 4-5 projects), and I am not asking for do completely free. As I am web-developer, i can even revert changes if they do not pay, for graphics designer. It is better to go with the watermark.
One more advantage of this is that I can easily know the buyer want to give 5$ for what type of work, some buyer give 50$ work for 5$ gig so believe me most of my client’s work is almost done first then tell them a price to place order then I tell them the issue is resolve.
It helps me to avoid from negative rating
I have just told my simple suggestion


Great if it works for you but I would think that it is worth mentioning that what happened to @istiak10 is also worth noting. Being a web developer, it may work better for you as you can probably ensure that the order is placed before handover.
A common scam is to place a couple of small orders and pay for them before placing a large order and not paying so the warnings by other users are also good, given that not all sellers will know how to be careful.


I usually work on a no cure no pay basis. If it’s not fixed then I’ve only wasted some of my time. I feel this helps buying trust with buyers, even if you are unsure if it will work out that way.


If work is Hard and taking time, if user has placed order then if we cancel order due to time and cost settlement then it may hurt ranking other thing is if small work is done and then work is deliver and user ask for more but you delivered the work , then user can give negative rating (In case of fix and design work)
I am again and again saying its for repeated buyers people are not understanding this line


Exactly thats actually I do, If works is not done then no cancellation and not Pricing issue, else we can quote that you work can be done at this price


Well I haven’t thought about this before and I like the “no fix-no pay” idea.
This is how I operate:

First I make sure that I understand what exactly the client wants. I ask as many questions as possible. I do tell the client why I am asking so many questions, in case the clients is annoyed. When I have understood what the client whants and I can deliver it I tell the client that I will make sure the gig is delivered on time and it will be up to his/her satisfaction.

So I convince the client that I will not rest untill the client is happy. I won’t allow myself to be satisfied untill the client is satisfied.


Yes, But it my case its bit different
it differs from service to service