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How to win buyers


Hey Guys,

Just wanted to start a discussion on how vital customer service is on Fiverr. Share your ideas, views and what you all do different when a buyer messages you or purchases your gig.


Always sound enthusiastic about their project when messaged. Most buyers will be drawn to someone who shares their vision and enthusiasm.


I tend to talk with them as if they are my friend than some robot.

I know in the business world they teach you how to act like a robot, but a robot can sound very unfriendly and feel as if the person is uninteresting.

yeah, so I treat my customers as my friends, i give them discounts, i talk to them, ask them questions, bend your gig rules a little bit with them, and try to make them feel special, spend a lot of time with them and on the work I am doing, I sometimes give them more than the ask, they soon would want to come again if they like my service and see a great connection between the seller and the buyer… but i mean obviously your work that yo give them has to be excellent.


Reply to @superfunart: yes very true.

customer service is like an art and can make or break your business. you need to provide each buyer with quick response, treat them as an individual, and provide them with extra information, discounts, give free add ons etc. this way you can establish a great relationship with your buyer.


I find that buyers really appreciate professionalism and good communication. When they order your gig, acknowledge their order and let them know when to expect the delivery. Make sure that you communicate effectively so that both you and the buyer are aware of what exactly will be delivered.


yah that is a good approach as well. inform the buyer on each step of the process as you are working. this way both seller and buyer can discuss ideas and make changes a long the way.

Once you start getting more and more orders always make sure you are in touch with your old buyers and ask them if they need any help. provide extra free service as well.