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How to Win Your First Gig!

Do research on what everyone else is selling in your niche. Try and start at the minimum fee and offer more for fewer prices.

Try and offer a 24-hour turnaround — this will assist with securing gigs right away.

Get ideas from bestsellers gigs! Look at what are they offering and their gig description? And create your own gigs using your own words.

Create attractive images. There are plenty of places online to get free images (phixby), and add text to your images.

Choose gigs that provide easy turnaround time.

Always proofread, proofread, and proofread your gigs! This is important if you’re offering a gig that involves perfection. Ensure that you send it to several persons to review before you publish.

Ensure that you publish a least seven gigs. This will increase your chance of receiving more offers.

Always use the buyer request to send offers. This will increase your chances of receiving an offer. Fiverr gives you 10 free offers every day. Please utilize them to the maximum to send offers. Make sure you refresh the page every 5 minutes. Kindly check out my gigs

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You say this, and yet you have zero reviews… questionable…

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Yes, you are correct. Some new Forum members do not read the rules which say it is strongly recommended that those who post tips for sellers be experienced sellers.

You can’t offer tips and in the same breath promote your gig. That’s not how it works, these posts belong in the My Fiverr Gigs category.

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I was on my phone and did not even notice that!

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