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How to withdraw after 90 days

hello, fiverr team and members,
i hope you all are doing good,
my account disabled then fiverr notify me that i can withdraw my earning after 90 days, after more then 90 days i asked from CS of fiverr and they just login me in to my account, i dont’t know what to do next, if anyone know then please let me know,

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The only people that can solve this for you are Customer Support. You will have to work this out with them. We, here on the forums, are not Customer Support.

very helpful answer,

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Do you still have access to the email they sent you when your account got suspended? I’d think it’s probably explained in there.

I assume they let you log into your account so you can withdraw with whatever method you had set up before your account got suspended (PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfer), did you try?
The withdrawal buttons are on the earnings tab. If they are greyed out and you can’t use them, contact support again, the sooner the better, I think I’ve read you can log in for 24 hours before the account gets deactivated again.


go to selling->earnings tab and withdraw your money

Contact Support

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I want to withdraw my money

my username @seoexpertgirl

Please some help me today complete 90 day after to withdraw money

Please contact CS - we can’t help you.

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