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How to Withdraw Cash if I'm from Bangladesh

Hey there, Iā€™m from Bangladesh. I was wondering what are the ways to withdraw money from Fiverr. If there are any Bangladeshi members around, please help me find out. Thank you. :smiley: :smiley:

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Hello imteenan, Iā€™m from Bangladesh too. .
to withdraw money from Fiverr with Payoneer master card.


Thank you soo much. :smiley:

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There is apparently a new Bank Transfer feature, does this apply for Bangladesh as well ?

yes. But you have to add this bank account on Payoneer, I don not use bank account (I will use soon) so do not know details :slight_smile:

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i am new user for payoneer. i dont know process money withdrawal and checking with booth plz help me

Payoneer card is the only way to withdraw from Bangladesh, I guess. Iā€™m from Bangladesh and I use payoneer.