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How to withdraw earnings in another currency?

Dear forum,

I will soon be able to withdraw my first earnings since I joined last month, and would like to know if anyone of you could enlighten me on the different methods to get your earnings from USD to another currency ( here JPY ), without having them syphoned by fees and exchange rates.

Thank you ! :hugs:

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I charge in USD$, withdraw to paypal in USD$, thence to my bank - again in USD$. I only pay bank fees on exchange rate.

If your bank has an IBAN number, that means it will accept payments in foreign currencies …

Go to profile and click * [
Earnings and then withdraw your money.

It is explained here:

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Thank you so much, I could not find this article … Will definitely help !

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congratulation for first earn.

I hope you did solve it.

Well, the article is useful, but the intent of my question was more to know from other user’s experience which option is the most economical. Paypal sounds to be troublesome AND more expensive than a bank transfer (?)