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How to withdraw from fiverr in bangladesh

Hello.I’m a new seller on have some money in my fiverr account. please let me know how to withdraw $ on fiverr in Bangladesh.
advanced thanks for helping me :smile:.

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payoneer is the best option

Payoneer to bank or DBBL which are best? @limetones

You can connect your DBBL account with payoneer and transfer directly to your account from payoneer.

Thank you so much for your valuable reply

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You are welcome! good luck!

Payoneer is the best.

You can try Bank transfer. That means payoneer is the best option for withdraw $ on fiverr in bangladesh.

As paypal is currently unavailable in Bangladesh,Payonner is the best option for you to withdraw your money…

Thanks for valuable suggestion @freelancezahid @sk_sajib @pixelitpark