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How to withdraw funds without knowing security question?

Hi my account got banned about 50 days ago now i am trying to withdraw funds but they are asking security question linked to my fiverr account which i don’t remember now they also asked for funding source id which i provided and also my national identity card scanned images only problem which i am facing is that i cant not remeber security question.Any solution?

Usually the security question is something you can’t possibly forget.
They should ask you the question and you give them the correct answer.

The fact that it is called a “security question” shows that it is something you
know automatically that no one else knows. If there was a way to find out the
answer aside from your memory it would not be security.

I agree with misscrystal, it is only you who must know the answer. If you tried typing the answer to your question and it is perceived as invalid, try using combinations of capital and base letters.
Good luck!