How to withdraw money as per our requirement?


If we just want to withdraw half of money we have in our fiverr account. Then what procedure we need to follow? If we just click on transfer to a bank account then all amount in a fiverr account will send to payoneer account and transfered all money to a bank.


I am concerned about this question too… All money get transferred when we transter… partial withdrawal options are not available Perhaps…


I wanted to do a partial wirhdrawal too, but couldn´t find any option, nor info on the fiverr site, other than links to forum threads asking for that option to be implemented, so I guess, no.
It’s not really important for me personally, but I imagine it would be useful especially for sellers who buy gigs as well, and would like to keep funds in their balance for that.

What I did find on the fiverr site is this though:

Withdrawals are final and cannot be undone. We will not be able to refund or change this process once it has begun. Withdrawals can only be performed once per day (24 hours) at a maximum amount of $5,000 per withdrawal.
So, in case we’ll let over 5000$ accumulate in our fiverr balance, partial withdrawal would work. :wink:


I’d also like to have an option for withdrawing specific amount.


I think the reason why fiverr does not allow or should not allow partial withdrawals is because anything can happen to the site at any moment. Lets say you have 70$ in your fiverr balance then you are hit with an emergency and need to withdraw the money then fiverr goes on a 5 hour maintenance. Who are you left to blame? If the money is in your bank you have the power to withdraw any amount you want.


Suppose if fiverr go to maintenance then only for that time it can stop any transaction with prior notice. But It should give option for partial amount. So that we can withdraw as per our requirement.