How to withdraw money from fiverr through paypal



I want to withdraw my fiverr revenue can you plz let me know how to withdraw the money through fiverr. anyone who already withdrew the money plz help.


First open your dashboard and then click on paypel widrew then you got a mail to fiverr mail. And there have a link click on it and there have a option for add paypal account then you need to verification the paypal account by your its mail then it will add on it and got a mail of confirmation. Adter it you can widraw it to your paypel account by clicking on paypal widraw


do these money really get encash have to withdrew money through paypal


Otherwise you can use payoneer its simple to use. You can get cash from any bank by it


Found this on YOUTUBE


should i need to link my bank account on paypal or will i recieve the money of fiverr without bank account linking


IF you want the money in your PayPal account to be transferred to your bank account, OF COURSE! you will have to connect your PayPal account to your bank account :smile:


if i just want my money to remain in paypal then is it necessary to link the bank account


No, it’s not required.

But I am not sure about the requirements for creating a PayPal account in the country you are at right now. Cuz I have heard that in some countries, it is mandatory for you to link your bank account to your PayPal account. So, please check the requirements too.


Paypal is not yet launched in Bangladesh, I never used it, maybe banks of Bangladesh are not connected to paypal


According to the OP’s profile, she is from India (and not Bangladesh).


thanz all of you i will try to withdraw