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How to withdraw money from my balance as a buyer?


i bought some bag services and i got refunded, but the money isnt going back to my credit card / paypal but instead end up in fiverr balance. how can i take my money back to my paypal or credit card ?


yes ok but how do you actually use the credit? i have $20 but when i go to pay a 45 gig the balance doesn’t count the credit in, why??


i regret i spent money on fiverr, most services i bought are lemon … and i can’t take money back. why fiverr wants to keep my money :frowning:


Hello,I have put a wrong email adress for my paypall.How can I change it to my right paypal email??



Settings > Account Settings


How about those people lying/scamming on fiverr? Most services i bought from either not as advertised or can’t proof of their work. I know you guys have sort of rating on services but no report function on lying/scamming services to remove them from fiverr?

In real life I don’t shop where don’t do refund, and I never take store credit. In real life if i buy something at least I know what I’m getting before I buy, unless that item does not work by malfunction I can always do exchange. I don’t buy what I don’t need to make return/refund hassle, not worth time/money/gas to do it you know.

Back to fiverr, i bought some intangible good at attractive price (that is why i bought), and the end they aren’t as good as what they advertised on their ad. I can always charge back through paypal or my credit card but for a few bucks … not worth my time. Just few not happy about the way fiverr work. I know I have fiverr credit if cancel services, but there is no PROTECTION for buyer at all from buying lemon services. Those lemon services are still out there and keep scamming people w/o their knowledge unless they check carefully or they know exactly what they are buying.

@ kjblynx I dont agree with your statement “most businesses”, I would say “some businesses”. And I dont deal/shop with those “businesses”.