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How to withdraw money from suspended account?


My previous account was suspended about 94 days ago. And, no I want to withdraw available money from that account.

But when I emailed to support for that I am receiving an automated email in reply. A screenshot of the email is given below.

When I visit the given link it asks me to enter my email address. I entered email there but still got no responses.

What should I do now? I am not understanding. Could you please give me some proper instructions, please?

Thank you in advance.

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Only Customer Support can help you with this:

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.


Let me check if I understand you correctly:
You had an account, it got banned, you created a new account and from a new account you are trying to contact support team to ask about your banned account, is that right?


No, dear. I have sent mail to Customer support from my old email address that as linked with the banned account. Should I contact them from my new account?

Yes, I emailed them from my previous account email address. But not got any reply without the one I given screenshot above.

Now, what should I do? Should I contact them through my this new account regarding on this issue?

Thank you.

I would advise you to read TOS.

There you will find an answer how to withdraw money and that you are not allowed to open a new account after your first one was banned. If you are banned you are banned forever and your new account also will be closed sooner or later.


Thank you for your reply. As far I know one can create a new account again and start from beginning if his/her previous account get banned.

Anyway, CS team have helped me to withdraw money from my suspended account.

Thanks again.

Not without permission from Customer Support!


If you do it without the permission from Customer Support, your new account (and any subsequent accounts) might get banned pretty quickly.


Oh, it was not known by me. What if I tell customer care now? Will they help me? Thank you.

Thank you. I have just known about this, it was not known by me. Will customer support team help me if I tell about it now?

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My suggestion is to ask assistance from Customer support.

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You need to ask Customer Support for permission if you want to open a new account if you have been banned. They will make their decision.

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OK, thank you. I will ask them.

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Please tell me how you recover your money from suspended account?

Stop spamming this in each thread, especially threads that are this old!

i am not spamming i am feeling too guilty.

You have posted it in multiple threads, if it’s " Not my fault " then why are you feeling guilty, unless you did something that was against the ToS

yes sr i didn’t know about it sr. I was only willing not to get my account suspend