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How to withdraw money in Pakistan?


Anybody here from Pakistan can please tell me the whole (step by step) method of withdrawing fiverr earnings. ( i.e. which bank is good or which services I can use or etc) You kind responses will be much appreciated!

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As PayPal is not available in your country Payoneer is the only option to withdraw your earnings.
This article may help you to guide with step by step info,


I appreciate your response, but I am seeking the information about the master card supported banks & their services.

This might help?


I have been using Payoneer Mastercard with MCB. There are some fees involved;
i. Payoneer withdrawal transaction fees 3% of the total amount.
ii. MCB fee Rs.200
iii. Currency conversion fees (from dollar to Pakistani rupees).


There are two options you have to withdraw your Fiverr earning right in Pakistan.

  1. Using Fiverr MasterCard
  2. Using Payoneer MasterCard

If you’re just needing an atm card for Fiverr then Fiverr card would be the best but I’d rather highly recommend to order Payoneer MasterCard because you can easily link Payoneer with your local bank account such as Afalah bank, Habib bank & others and also you can use to withdraw your payoneer money using the MasterCard at any ATM in Pakistan.

If you don’t have Payoneer card or don’t know how to order? payoneerhow(com)/forum can help you out there or you can also visit Payoneer support and they will assist you further.


I created payoneer’s account and simply submitted my local bank account number and so on and I do nothing and successfully created my account on payoneer,but still not received any card from payoneer now what to do???


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payoneer is the best way withdraw money in pakistan

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You can use bank transfer or mastercard too.


Can I use VISA CARD For withdraw money from fiverr…?<>

You can read this article it explained every single step

Same question I also apply for the Payoneer card they Accepted the Application but I don’t get any Email for Card