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How to withdraw money with the least amount of fees to Australian Dollars - Am so confused!

Hey guys, I have been reading up on how to take the USD and transfer it out without the high fees. My fiverr business has been flying along and I have only been using Paypal up until now, as my income has been larger I’m noticing the insane fees and would like to try and lower them as much as I can.

From reading the forum and other sites, I have gathered that I need to sign up for Fiverr’s Revenue Card (Payoneer I think it is?) and transferwise, which looks like its just called Wise now. Then when the money hits the wise account it gets sent to my USD paypal wallet? But then I am still in the same boat of having to move it to my Australian account.

Am I missing something here or does the money get converted when it moves between payoneer and transferwise and then land in my paypal as Aussie dollars?

Would love some help in setting this up!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



I just transfer the Fiverr income from PayPal in USD into my Canadian bank account where it is automatically converted to CDN.

Currently USD is at 21% exchange, which covers all fees.

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