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How to withdraw the amount from disable account

If any account will be disable for any reason where some money was withdraw able. How can the account holder can withdraw or get the money. As the account holder deserve to get the money.

Please tell me the way.

Thank you

Did you contact the customer support team? there is a time limit of month n half of waiting just incase if anyone strikes some kind of copyright claim or not. Once its clear on their end they will give you the money

The account holder needs to contact Customer Support, and they will tell him/her to wait for 90 days. After 90 days, CS might give them access to their account for 24 hours to withdraw the funds.

It’s up to CS whether they will allow the account holder to get the funds or not, depending on the reason for disabling the account. For example, if the account holder was doing something illegal, or committed a fraud, and if they haven’t earned their funds in an honest manner, there’s no guarantee that they will be allowed to withdraw.

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