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How to woo 🤔 buyers when buyer requests come

Hello Everyone,

Hope u r all doing good works in Fiverr.
I gave so many buyer requests offer with suitable description & reasonable price thn their offer. but,they didn’t still come to my inbox fo more discussion. :relieved: I want to get order from them because, some buyer requests work is really easy for me. please, suggest me… How can I woo them to come to inbox, then I will manage them to take orders :sunglasses: I will impress them with my works. just they need to try me once!!!

Subreen :slight_smile:


There are many many posts on the forum on how to write attractive buyer request offers. I would suggest that you first search for them on the forum and implement whatever you learn from these posts in writing buyer request offers in the future.


oh really???
thn I didn’t noticed Forum, thanks for ur suggest. I will look for it :slight_smile:

when you submit offer in buyer section please keep in your mind must choose the price and days which buyer have choose and choose price as much as low is this just for attract the buyer in your inbox after that you offer your actual working time and price when it’s come in inbox

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That’s not a good idea. You do realize that buyers can directly place an order from the buyer request offer you send, right? Yes, I am referring to the buyer request offer that you sent for “as much as low price” “for attract the buyer in your inbox.” The buyers have no need to contact you via your inbox.

Besides, buyers hate working with sellers who use such tactics. You cannot just quote one price in the buyer request offer and then quote another price for the exact same service later on.


Check this article out: