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How to work fiverr forum?

What are the benefits of using Fiverr Forum?
If I am active in the forum, will I be active in my main account?

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The forums are a resource for learning.
No, the forums are a different platform.


Fiverr forum is like a community to learn more about fiverr. If you spend more time you will learn more.
Share your experienced with us. Grow your knowledge.

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Thank you so much for your important commnet.

That’s absolutely not true, as my colleague noted above. The forums are for socializing and have no bearing on business flow on Fiverr.


Wot she sed ^

Fiverr Sales Market is completely separate from Fiverr Forum. What you do in one has no direct relationship to/on the other (unless you do something terrible).

Being pointlessly “active” in the Forum merely wastes not only your time but that of everyone who has to wade through the meaningless “me too” posts. If you are here, be here, contribute real value.

And if you state an opinion that is great, but only so long as you can back it with some reasonable proof or logic. Sadly the post above fails on both counts seeing it is “me too” and an opinion presented a fact despite having no backing or reasoning (let alone known to be false).

The Forum is a place where you can learn to be a better seller, but only if you really read, think, and engage with wisdom in your heart & hopes.