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How to work in gigs fiverr

Hi, im new (old member) here, nice to meet you (。・ω・。)

Last year making fiverr account.

Making gigs but dont know how to appear in my profile.

Two month ago finally making Gigs and appear on my profile (°ロ°٥) (late to know making gigs).

Now im still confuse as seller how to work in fiverr.

Thanks (。・ω・。)

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Basically from the website - people who search for the type of job you offering can find you, plus you have this section called “Buyer requests” where buyers publish the job that needs to be done, and every seller related to that topic can reply.
Another away is to share your gig in social media.

Hope I answered your question :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

You only have 1 minute of read-time shown in your forum profile. Check out the Tips For Sellers category (with filters applied --> You’ll find hundreds of threads offering advice on a variety of things to consider and/or improve. (Note: Not all advice can apply to all gigs or categories. Be sure you check multiple sources as there are some false tips, even among the top threads.)

It takes a lot of work to make it as a freelancer, so be sure to research and plan accordingly.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” (Attributed to Benjamin Franklin)

Specific to your situation, please see (IMG) point 2:

There are also a bunch of useful links in the (RRD) section.

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Where to see buyer request here?
Thanks for your answer :grin:

Ah thanks for answer, i will try that

Seller Dashboard (“Switch to Selling”) → More → Buyer Requests.
They come and go most of the time. Be sure to properly tag your gigs so you can see the appropriate requests when there’s any.