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How to work with an wordpress website in fiverr?

My client is asking for working on his WP website. How can I do that? Will I ask him for the admin username and password? Or what can I do?

After finishing the work how I will deliver?

I am not understanding. Please help.

You should already know how to do the work you are offering to buyers. Why did you start a gig for a service you don’t know how to do, complete, or deliver?

If you need to work through specifics, you’re going to have to communicate with your buyer about that. Communication is your responsibility. And when the work is completed, it should be delivered through the Fiverr system. A delivery is required to complete all orders.


Using words like “Id, Username, password” will give you warning. Only Cs can give you answer of your question.

Give smart answer to your buyer.

  1. what kind of theme and builder you are using?
  2. Give me the site access so that I can started my work.
  3. Give me your requirement. what I need to do actually? Please tell me in details. So that I can complete your work smoothly.
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Thanks a lot for your response

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@jonbaas I am a professional WordPress developer. I use to sell websites directly. I make website first then give my client the Admin username and Password.
But I have no experience in fiverr. That’s why, I have asked this question.