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How to work with non-responsive buyers?

I have 2 orders from quite strange customers. One just placed the order and went offline (last seen - 4 days ago) and the other one contacted me, placed the order, keeps going online, but ignoring my messages with the first drafts and reminders.

I don’t know how to draw their attention. I prefer not to move on with the illustrations until I have approved sketch, but these clients’ behaviour doesn’t give me a chance to work as I usually do. And, as you understand, with current situation the buyers may become quite troublesome - even though I do my best, I started working immediately and already sent them the first sketches.

Have you ever had such situations? Some advice maybe?
I’ve already contacted CS and asked them if they can send some kind of automatic reminder, but I’m still not sure if it’s going to help.


I don’t understand buyers who do this. They must know that you need some input and communication about what they want or expect yet they ignore you.

I don’t have any answers but this seems to be a common problem. Please let us know what CS tells you.


I don’t understand this as well. And I am afraid these buyers can go crazy right after the delivery. You know - being silent for days and after ignoring all the drafts and works in progress, not controlling the work I do, they will leave bad review or even try to cancel the order they didn’t care about at all.

As for CS (omg, they are so fast now!):

Hello Ruslana,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
I will send the message to the buyers related to these orders, but I can’t guarantee they will respond.

Alternatives for this would be either for you to send the request for the extension of the delivery date or cancelation via Resolution Center.
If you are no willing to work with them any longer, we can review the order for a cancelation from our end as well.

I’ll let you know if they respond.

Hope to hear from CS or the buyers soon.


What I do if I have someone who is not responding is to keep using the Resolution Center to extend the delivery time. Usually, I only have to use it once to get their attention instead of just sending a message, but, this seems to be the only insurance to avoid being late etc.

Does this Gig have requirements the client needs to fill out before you can start work? If not, and if that would help in this case, maybe using that would help with the communication part of your work?



They filled the requirements - I’ve sent them the draft images I made. Now I really need their approval before I continue working on these illustrations. But buyers don’t care about it, they just ignore my messages.

I can easily finish these artworks, since I have enough information, but you know - it’s better to be sure that buyer likes the initial sketch, in this way I avoid endless revisions and troubles with the deliveries. I warned them about my working process, I told them exact dates when I am going to contact them with the first drafts. But they are silent.

I hope CS message will somehow “wake them up”.


You can always send something that is very obviously horrible and see if they respond to that :grin:

Or make a big sign that says something like

YOU NEED TO LOOK AT THIS AND RESPOND! and send it to them.


Yes. I find if I request a cancellation via the Resolution Center, THEN they respond. If they don’t, it will cancel automatically after a few days and you are better off that way.


UPD: one of the buyers replied! They told me that they didn’t get any notifications until now (I’ve sent the update on 20th of September). Not sure on which side the problem was, but I am supper happy with communication been fine again.

Also, thank you for the Resolution Center trick! I think it was the notification that drew customer’s attention.

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Thank you all for the information about the Resolution Center! This is pure gold.

I’m having my first orders these days and I just came across a non-responsive buyer. I delivered the order and she asked for a revision but didn’t tell me what she needs changed and the time is ticking. She hasn’t been online at all for a day now but I’m hopeful she’ll log in soon. Eitherwise, I’ll use the Resolution Center to ask for more time.