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How to work with non-responsive buyers?

Don’t give them 3 options since they don’t respond.

Here is your gig description:

Initially, I create one, two or three (see Packages above) logo design concepts for your request. Then we refine the selected design according to the changes, if necessary. I will make sure that the end result meets your expectations.

So for example if they chose the 3 option package give them 3 options in the delivery.

You need to remove that entire paragraph. Just send them 3 designs in the delivery. You cannot try to depend on them responding to you and then be put in this position when they do not respond.

Ok, that looks reasonable. But then he will get three logos for the price of one :slight_smile:

You have nice high prices and would have done the 3 options anyway right? Your gig seems to be offering 3 logos.

You can send a message with the delivery that they can choose one to have further changes on. I’m not sure what you can do exactly but put on your thinking cap so you won’t be waiting on them until the deadline.

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Yes, but only one reaches the final, as indicated.
I could use other concepts as a basis for the development of another project.

But most likely I will include all the options in the delivery. One of which will then go for revision.
It seems I now understand more how this should work.
Thank you!

You are most welcome! You’re a good designer and I wish you well.

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Oww. That’s a bummer. It’s happened with me once. I just delivered the work and told him to contact me if he faces any problem. That’s it.

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Now That’s something I called Beauty With Brains :rofl: :joy:

Can’t you set those 3 options up as a mandatory requirement on your “gig requirement page”? For my gig, there are 2 main options, and my requirements give 3 choices, basically: This/ That /No idea, do what you think best

Like that, the order can’t start without them having clicked one of those options.

In his case, he will be sending three logos with the delivery but only one will be chosen to be modified to the client’s specifications. It needs some tweaking on how exactly this can work but he will figure it out so he isn’t waiting on the client who does not respond.

Since he is supposed to be delivering the final product I’m not sure how his options are going to be workable.

I think he needs to change his entire concept of how he is offering his logos so he is delivering the final finished product. You are supposed to deliver the final product, not something that still needs work. So the entire way you handle your gig needs some tweaking.


Yes, it’s not entirely clear how gig works with several concepts. Yes, you need to deliver the finished product. All three are essentially finished. But only one can be selected :slight_smile: which, if necessary, can return for revision.

This time I delivered all three, the client came back and already specifically showed the only option that needs to be sent. The work is over :slight_smile: