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How to Write a attractive Buyer Request?

Hi there ,
I’m new to Fiverr , I want To know How to Write a attractive Buyer Request??
Please help

Do NOT just write back your gig description when sending out these offers. Be sure to read the request carefully and apply to what is being requested. In your offer, include parts of what was written in the request so that they can know you read the request. Include the number of years experience you have in completing that task and if you don’t have any experience, let them know what qualities you possess that will help you do a great job. You can also share samples of your work if you have any.

You buyer request totally depends for buyer need. you need to follow something when you send a buyer request.

  1. First need to understand properly buyer needs and explain it’s your buyer you understand his requirements properly and you able to provide quality service.
  2. Must include how to you do this work or what’s your plan, For this reason buyer understand your quality and trust you.
  3. Need to offer perfect work charge.
  4. Finally after writing full proposal you need to offer your buyer for more information to contact in inbox.