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How to Write a Attractive Proposal for Buyer Request?

**I send a lot of proposals but nobody replied to my proposal, what’s the actual issue is


An attractive proposal is one in which you respond to the buyer’s needs, and show them how YOU can solve those needs. YOU need to write your own proposals. After all, YOU are competing for each buyer request, and YOU need to present yourself as the seller the buyer should choose to hire.

We are not going to provide you with a magical template that wins you orders. There is no such thing. Be personal, be genuine, and appeal to the needs of the buyer. It’s as simple as that.


Please give a exampl…

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No. You need to write your own seller responses to buyer requests. Be personal, be geniune, and appeal to the needs of the buyer. Sending a template response, or text written by someone else, will NOT result in you winning any orders.

You need to do your own work, and write your own competitive responses if you want to become successful on this site. Only those sellers who take the initiative, do their own work, and find ways to appeal to their target customers become successful here. Those who try to have someone else do everything else for them… will fail.