How to write a good offer?


What are the steps that I should do to write an attractive proposal?
Because I always send great offers and no one respond to it.


Can you kindly share one or 2 of your offers that you have sent, i will be able to assist you.


I would love to hear tips by @mzie88 .


I offer him to order my starter package then he will get the intermediate package and if he ordered the intermediate one he will get the professional package.
the second offer was if he ordered any of my logo design package he will get a free business card design.


@mahmoudosama94 sometimes it’s not about what you are offering them ,but how offer it to them, Your pitch to them. You should give them every reason why they should order from you.


This has peaked my interest. Let’s say someone wants [X] and I am able to do [X]. Can you show us an example of what would be a good, short and crisp sales pitch for the Fiverr buyer section?

My ‘pitch’ never goes beyond giving them a timeline and cost estimate, and this has worked out well. But I’d like to see if there is scope for me to be more creative :slight_smile:




It doesn’t sound to me as if you’re sending an offer that directly relates to what is being asked for, you’re just pointing the buyer to your gigs.

In buyer requests, you need to customize your response to the request & you need to remember the buyer wants to see everything he needs to know in your offer because they’ll get a lot of offers and they won’t want to click through to see everyone’s gigs.

In summary do include:

  • cost
  • timeframe
  • something that shows your understanding of their request
  • ideas you have on how you’ll deliver, if relevant
  • why they should accept your offer over everyone else’s - what skills, experience etc. you have
  • only include things relevant to the request and your ability to deliver that


  • simply list your gigs
  • simply self-promote without it being relevant to the offer
  • try to upsell in your offer
  • don’t offer freebie extras unless they’re relevant to the buyer request


Here is a link to a post done by a seller that directly speaks to an effective proposal. This may answer some of your questions.

As a buyer, everything she wrote is point on!