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How to write a good reply to a buyers request

I tried to search this and check if its already asked, but I couldnt find any.
I have a few questions;

If you use a template please share that.

I am struggling to have any organic order, is that normal? I also sent 30 buyers request yet no response. I just have 1 buyer who keeps buying from me repetitively, but thats not enough…


You say you tried to search this, but you don’t specify where you searched. Did you search Fiverr Academy?

Did you search the Forum before posting?

Try these posts for general guidance.


I posted a loose template in another thread with similar questions. Keep in mind that I personally don’t recommend rigid templates, as I think you should always tailor them to your client’s specific needs.


Did you read my question before answering?


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Nope I didnt search the fiverr academy, thanks for the link this will help.

Apparently I can’t ask questions in Fiverr academy, right?

Anyways thanks for your precious time!

I got my first order after 130+ offers in BR


Plese follow @somaginer1996

I don’t think you had to tell him that. He’ll follow the advice if it appeals to him.

Also, you don’t have to @ people if you’re not actually responding to them.



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Yes, interedting and annoying :joy:

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Hello I am also a newbie I have almost 100+ buyers requests send and got 17 orders don’t know less or good but I am currently okay as it helped me to Rank 1.

What I will suggest that send buyer request to one where you see less offers or wait until 10-15 offers are sent like we send offer quickly I guess it goes down and buyer never sees it.

Also read the request and respond accordingly how u will help him out.

Hope this helps


Nice point, newer might stay on top. Ill do some tests with these and check out.

Looks good, I read someone who sent 1K+ and got 34 orders only…

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I have total 22 orders 17 are from custom. Many even answered like may be 10 more but unlucky not have their order

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How do you write replies to buyer requests? Can show me some example please?

My replies are usually 3-4 lines on point, not more and I never got a response.

Never ever use template!
Buyer want you pay attention to thier request first!

Go through their needs and requirements and then reply according to it!

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Hi There,

I do not use a specific template because every request is normally different. I try to respond as genuine as possible while taking into consideration the client needs.