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How to write a invoice for customer / Need Tips!

Hey, so I am in a really bad position. I am from germany and am already working for a company as a sidebussines( no taxes in germany) and now I earn mony with fivver. The question I am asking myself is, how I should state the Tax office how much money I make. I cant write a invoice only with the username of the customer right? Do you have similar situations or know how to handle that?

Thanks already!


Thanks I will try to look more !

You don’t need to issue invoices as they are provided to the buyer by Fiverr.

This is the information from the perspective of a buyer :

For specific help with regard to your tax affairs suggest you contact your accountant or local tax office. They will be able to help you.


Thanks, I am currently reaching out to some!


No idea what you are talking about. You don’t make invoices for Fiverr clients. That’s not how it works. Fiverr makes the transaction as your marketplace. All an invoice is is an invitation and record of a transaction. But Fiverr already does that.

@moritzpfennig You don’t create invoices.

And in no business do you create an invoice after the order is already done, anyway. Never do that. Invoices are ONLY for accounting purposes to initiate a payment. Fiverr already does that for you.

You can either use the records that were sent to your bank or you can print off a document from your Fiverr analytics.

Thanks, finally something makes sense!

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