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How to write a offer in buyer request?

how to get order?I didin’t get any orders.I am new to fiverr.can anyone help me to sort out.


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That’s just not true.

That’s bad goddamn advice.

You didn’t sell anything yourself, did you? Where did you get that stupid idea?

Besides, he wanted tips on buyer requests. You read the headline?


I suggest you should try searching regarding this topic on this forum as i think there are many posts regarding this.

You should be more active in the Fiverr forum and comment on the post

This is wrong. Being active on the forum does not mean you’ll get more orders, please stop parroting bad advice. Almost all the active people on this forum are sellers. No one comes here to find people to buy from - that’s what the main site is for.

You should search for this “Write Offer Buyer Request