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How to write a perfect and impressive buyer request?

Hello, My name is Santonu Bhattacharya, I’m a new seller and I know that for every new individuals sending Buyer Request on a regular basics is a very important part. So i’m doing it, but now getting any reply from buyers. I don’t know what the problem is. Can anyone help me? I want to know that how to write an impressive buyer request? :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s not easy to do work here, you need to do HARD WORK here and must take 2/3 months for response and orders you just send request everyday and change your tags as well if you things tags are not very well impressive.
You need to use your profession and tell your buyers you will do it with any restrictions in your text.
Good Luck


Thanks for your valuable words! It will defiantly help me out for sure… :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi there, I’m also a new seller on Fiverr and got my first few orders through buyers request. Just make sure about the following three things:

  1. Keep the proposal as descriptive and relevant as possible
  2. Go for the lowest bid (because you are a new seller)
  3. Maybe search for the problem that the buyer is having and include a few lines about the solution that you have in mind

Really helpful… Thanks a lot!


We are not mind readers :slight_smile:
Give us an example. Copy here the last request together with your offer and then we can tell you what you can improve.


Nice recommendation ,i really like it and will practice on it.Thank you


Just take it as an example like, Anyone is there who wants to remove background from his image…
So this is how I’m sending him/her a buyer request…

Respected Client,
I just saw your post that you want to remove background from this image.
Well I’ve interested on your project and I can do this work this for you with all the requirements you have ask for. I’m a professional Photoshop editor with more than 6 years experience in this world of graphic design.
I will work on your project in a very low cost, something like $5 and you will get some amazing experience in my service. You will be amaze by my quality of work, that’s promise!

What more you will get from me?
✓ Many years experience in Photoshop
✓ I will give you Unlimited Revisions
✓ I will work for you until you satisfy 100% (No extra charge)
✓ Quick delivery
✓ Free source file
✓ After service support
✓ Friendly communication
✓ Affordable price
And many more!

Let me know if I can help you out in this. Looking forward to assist you with my service. If you have any confusion or doubt or anything, please ask me. I will respond you ASAP!

Santonu (justfordesigns)

Is it fine? :slightly_smiling_face:


The first problem is grammar. I won’t fix those mistakes, but you have a lot of grammar mistakes which might raise a concern that you won’t be able to understand buyer’s requirements.

The second issue is that there isn’t anything specific about the request or requirements. It’s a template. It doesn’t prove that you’ve even read buyer’s request.

That being said, let me break it down for you :slight_smile:

Instead say “Hi”, “Hello”, or “Hi John” if you know their name.

Be more specific. What exactly was the request?

So what were the requirements and how are you planning to meet those?

6 years means nothing here. There are sellers who have used PS for 6 months and can easily handle complex work. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve used it, what matters is what have you done during those 6 years. Can you name one of your bigger projects?

Make an exact and realistic offer. It’s either $5 or more. It can’t be “something like”.

Be more specific. What is an amazing experience?

You can’t promise it :slight_smile: Even if you think it’s amazing it doesn’t mean your client thinks the same way. Simply say what you will do and how you will ensure the highest quality. For example, what kind of technique are you using to remove the background? I’m sure you know that there are more than 1 way of doing it :wink:

Delete this bullet list. They can find this info from your gig description and if they don’t then it should be there.

At the end, you can add a question to engage them in a conversation. Since I haven’t seen the request I can’t tell you what it should be.


Wow! Thank you so much… I will definitely work on it… You’re awesome! Thanks again!


Amazing Info! :slight_smile:


its like art <3 very well written


Many Many Thanks dear friend.


These are the best word, of all what I’ve read on the forum this year
Thank you very much.


The advice is golden !! Now, time for me to send out some BRs!



Helpful advice, will keep in mind. Thanks :slight_smile:

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very nice sir
i learn many things from your reply

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Great! Thank you so much for your excellent advice.

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Helpful advice,Thank you so much


There’s no unique method you may use to write down a suggestion.

What I can suggest is:

  • You need to put in writing to buyer’s interest.
  • Attempt to make your concept as persuasive as possible.
  • Talk to their interest,
  • Give them a purpose to hire right

Here is an example:


I’m satisfied to be in contact with you. suitable information! I am equipped to deploy a surefire, expert and well-written articles based to your theme. Please, take a look at out my gig and its capabilities. if you have additional questions concerning our offerings, feel unfastened to touch us! additionally, ordering this gig you’ll get these advantage ( point out your advantage) in case you were awaiting an appropriate time to seize this possibility, the time is now. Time to get busy! allow’s Get started out!