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How to write a perfect buyer request?

I am a new member of Fiverr. Anyone can help me please how can I write a perfect buyer Request? If anyone shows me some sample that time I can learn something on it. I have no Idea so please help me. Thank you.



Read the request properly.

Introduction yourself:

Good day, I have read your request, and I would like to offer you my services. (Explain what you are going to do in detail - according to what the buyer wants.)

I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.


There is no wrong or right, but I have sent buyer requests and was only interested in those who actually read my request properly. They basically, did not copy what I had said but put it in their own words.

If you new on Fiverr, work for what they are wanting to pay. I don’t do that any more, but to start with, if you want the order, you must.


Thank you very much for your suggestion.

Follow the @krheate topics. It will help

To send a perfect buyer request, you must first read the buyer’s message carefully. Does the buyer want service? You will try to convince him that you will be able to do his job. You have to write the message according to the buyer’s description. No copy / paste can be made. I think the buyer wanted a logo design. But did not give any more information. So you should first congratulate the buyer. Then, tell the buyer that you are interested in designing his logo. Explain your offers to him. At the end, you will want to know what will be the name of his logo, what will be the color of the logo, what kind of logo he likes, how many samples to take, etc.

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