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How to write answer of buyer request?


Hello friends, I have passed one year on i have completed only two orders. i think i could not get orders due to uncomfortable sentence in buyer request reply.
Anyone give me suggestion how to write good sentence replying to Buyer Request???

Shoaib Mirza


If you type “write buyer request” in the search bar above you will find several posts on how to write an effective reply to a Buyer Request.


Thanks, if you write here a sample then i will more thankful to you.


Every request is different so there is no sample!


Instead post your last offer here and we can help you figure out what you need to improve.


Every request is different ]


You don’t need to depend on the buyer request only to get the order. Please try to create enough gig and do marketing for your gig in social media. You will get order. For buyer request, you can write the description about how you are going to complete the job like: You should explain what you are going to do. These you can gain trust of the buyer.


Here is advice from a Buyer. :wink:


Ok, Thanks :slight_smile:


Let me get this straight -

Small but enough
Call to action

So that you always invite your buyer with something to draw him/her towards you, more than others


:grinning: Good, I shall do it now. i think this is helpful.
when i see a buyer request which relates with my service then i confused how to start to write message to buyer ?
any how i shall market my gigs.

Thanks :grinning:


If bidder has grammatical error then what is shortest sentence which he should write in his bid to buyer?


You have pretty much 3 options

  • sign up for English courses. You won’t survive on this platform if you’re not able to communicate with your clients.
  • partner up with someone who speaks English. You can do the work and they will take care of the client management.
  • sell your service to local customers outside of Fiverr. That way you won’t have a language barrier.