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How to write attractive proposal for send to buyer request?

Hello There,

How to write attractive proposal for send to buyer request?

Anyone please tell me in comment that what to write and send to buyer request ?


Answer these first then we can give you some tips

  • What’s the request?
  • What did you send?

If you type “write a buyer request” in the search bar above there are numerous posts that will help you.


what to type in proposal when we are going to offer them our service by custom gig offer


ok sure i will look that option


You have to work with me on this one. You need to put some effort into this. :slight_smile:
How can we tell you what to write if we don’t even know what the buyer is asking :stuck_out_tongue:

We can guide you and give you tips on how to improve your offer, but we won’t actually spell it out for you word by word.

  • Go to buyers request section
  • Take the last request
  • And take the offer your wrote
  • Paste these here and we will analyze and give you pointers.

Ok sir i m sending this proposal to attract buyer to accept my offer only please below.

Hello Top10talent,

I will design best graphic/logo image in the world for “SPORTS /LIFESTYLE CLOTHING BRAND” as per your requirements.
I m 4+ Years Experienced Fulltime Professional Graphic Designer & Social Media Expert.

See my portfolio
I m master of this kind of work. Please visit this links and checkout my work you will definitely loved.(Portfolio)

If you have seen my portfolio or like my proposal then you can inbox me anytime or order me. :slight_smile:
Top10talent, it would be better if you can come to inbox and tell me all details to start or order me with requirements, so i can start your work immidietely.

What you will get?

Print Ready & High Quality Files
Fast & Reliable Service
Life Time Support
Unlimited Revisions
100% Satisfaction & Dedication on Project

Feel free to inbox me for any query and order with confidence. you will get surprised! that is for god sure.

Thanks & Regards,
Digital Drivers.


Graphic Design / Logo design


Hmmmm, Thank you There i will keep in mind from next time.


OK, let’s break it down :slight_smile:

The first problem is obviously poor grammar. Your English doesn’t need to be perfect, but I would recommend signing up for English courses. It will take time, but I think even a basic 1-2 month course might help you.

Secondly, you sound a bit too confident or even delusional.
Confidence is good, but you’re overselling it. Some buyers won’t take you seriously.

Don’t give promises you can’t or won’t keep.
You can’t offer a service that lasts longer than 30 days on Fiverr and lifetime support is a ridiculous promise to begin with. A genuine buyer will see it as a desperation and a scammer will see it as an opportunity.

Let’s sum it up

  • focus on the request. The only thing you mentioned about the job was the sport/lifestyle clothing brand. That’s it? Explain what you will do for them, how you will do it and what kind of value it has. Ask engaging questions not just “come to inbox”. :slight_smile:
  • a professional designer doesn’t call himself an expert or master of the universe :stuck_out_tongue: Let your portfolio do the talking.
  • don’t promise what you can’t deliver
  • and while you’re improving your offers sign up for English courses.

Ok sir, i will improve my English and grammar and also ask engaging questions in offer from next time.

Thank you so much for giving best tips to me.

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Agree with @uxreview


Hello there, hope you doing well. Thank you for the job request that you have offered.
I’m Alavy Khan, from Bangladesh, I’m an undergraduate student and currently, I’m working as a graphics designer. I’m really very happy to express to you that I’m very passionate about my work, I love to design peoples thoughts and all…

I can design the leaflet that you asked for the adult training center, My designs are fully layered and eye-catchy to attract your target audience. I will design the leaflet in the way that people can understand your message and enroll in your course. I’m offering you unlimited revisions so that I can meet up your expectation.

Thank you for taking the time to read my request and I hope you like it and knock me for the job.

Thanks. Have a good day…
Is the format okay, @uxreview?



I am Graphic designer I need to work

i can not find buyer request.What can i do??


Talk to me about your problem.

This was asked 2…5 years ago bro, you are toooooooo late.

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Yes bro. Tooo late :relaxed:

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