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How to write better articles


Article writing gig is one of the hottest selling gigs on Fiverr.
If you are gifted with creativity like most of us then you’d find safe landing selling services related to this niche.
Even if you’re not such a great writer now, the good news is you can become better by following simple rules.
First, let’s consider the writings that fulfil the needs of the buyer. These kinds of articles do many of the following:

  1. Engages the audience
  2. Solves a particular problem
  3. Improves website’s search traffic and are seo friendly
  4. Make use of great keywords related to the niche of interest
  5. Written in simple but correct grammar
  6. Writer is able to communicate his ideas very well
  7. Writer understands his audience very well.
  8. Must be devoid of plagiarism and grammatical flaws

How to become a better writer

  1. Do proper research before embarking on your writing
    To churn out a great article on just any topic requires proper research. Don’t be in a hurry to beat the time and deliver as soon as possible. Make sure the content you are sending to your customer is of high quality. Research should include demographics of audience, unanswered questions related to your topic and try to answer them, keyword research etc. Many tools are available for keywords research for free; simple things like google search, google keywords planner and semrush will satisfy this need.
  2. Write like a pro
    By answering the many questions related to the topic, the readers know you have first-hand knowledge on the topic of interest. This kind of articles lead to higher conversion rates for those who require articles for their affiliate business. Flavour your article with some bit of suspense and build upon every idea explaining them exhaustively.
  3. Write for search engines
    This simply means you should write search engine friendly articles. These kinds of articles attract good search engine rankings. They must be original, target right keywords and engages the audience. Getting acquainted with basic SEO rules will help you succeed in this area.
  4. Write during your best moments
    Don’t be in a hurry to write and submit. Write when you’re in the right zone and state of mind. This helps keep ideas flowing and you never run dry.
  5. Check for grammatical errors and plagiarism and correct
    Tools like grammarly, copyscape, plagiarism checker, smallseotools will serve this purpose.
  6. Deliver on time.
    Learn to prioritize your daily tasks and learn to beat deadlines. Buyers are particularly happy with buyers who deliver quality stuff and at overwhelming fast rate.

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Thanks for this tips dear. Will use them.


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Great point and also I think for writing articles you must have a clear vision on things you know and must be expressive on how to depict the topic to others and make them understand about what you want to depict. Its a skill which can be developed by constant writing.


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