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How to Write Descriptions That Gets You More Sales

Writing can be hard. This is especially so if you are writing to persuade people to buy your products or services. Copywriting is writing with the goal of getting more sales.

Books and Authors on Copywriting

I delved extensively into the writings of Claude Hopkins’s book “ Scientific Advertising ” which was recommended highly by Jay Abraham and also marketing personality David Ogilvy, citing it as a “must read” book for all advertisers. This led me to other authors including Robert Collier, Victor Schwab, and Eugene Schwartz . Overall, during my research, I discovered that there are fundamental elements required to generate a sale.

The more I read from these the better I understood and noticed a pattern.

The 4 Ps of Copywriting

After noticing this pattern, I developed a copywriting process for myself I personally call the 4 P’s.

They are:

1.Pull – grab attention of customer with emotional appeal and facts

2.Promise – show benefits of using the product/service

3.Proof – break down the skepticism of the customer through evidence of results

4.Push – provide strong call to action, giving clear instruction on how to proceed

Secret to Sales No One Tells You About

But that is not all. There must be more to this. And there is. The secret is in market research. To understand your audience, you must know where they hang out, then listen in to the conversations they are having. You can go to Amazon and read reviews related to products in your niche because those reviews are written by real customers with real problems, and they want to solve by buying those products from Amazon. Another is Reddit and you can go to category in Reddit to read where discussions are happening around your niche. Some marketers even use SEMRush which is a paid service, however. But it is great for market research and finding keywords.

Emotional Appeal Moves People

In the conversations, you will notice that the audience will have problems and they tend to express them very emotionally. This is important because these pain points will lead you to what kinds of appeals you can use attract these readers to your headline. Your headline should offer a solution to their very pressing problem which will lead them to wanting to know more.

In the process of market research and reading and listening into people’s conversations, you are also collecting keyword that you can research further and that you can use for your copy. Then it is all a matter of putting all the pieces together.

Take the Time to Research and Write

Still, even if you get very good at creating great copy, the entire process can be time consuming. If you are interested in how you can save time copywriting, you might want to hire someone else to do it for you and outsource it.


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