How to write effective buyer request


effective buyer request tips and tricks?


There are no magic answers that guarantee responses. If you want to increase your chances of earning BR sales, write personally, professionally, and answer the need that the buyer addresses in their buyer request. It’s as simple as that.


i write approximately 200 buyer request and got 2 order i want to increase the number of order via buyer request i thought their i some thing that i missed to add in buyer requests


I already told you what you need to do. Figure out how to make that advice work for you, and you are likely to see more interest from your buyer request responses.


ok thank you i understand


Take the last offer you made and copy it here together with the request. Then we can analyze it and tell you what needs to be improved.

We can’t help you if we don’t know what kind of requests you’re bidding on and what exactly are you sending out.



There is no real trick to buyer requests. Be honest, and acknowledge the wording of the actual request. That being said, you did say you saent a lot of requests. I think @uxreview put it well. If you paste a copy of what you are sending, I am sure you will receive numerous tips on how to improve.

EDIT: Wait, I’m confused. You seem to be getting quite a few orders considering you just started last November. Is it that you are looking for MORE orders than the ones you already have? Your OP is a bit misleading. Sounds like you have no idea why orders are not coming in.


For give effective buyer request you should to know good English language.


My English language is good


I have send proposal to this Buyer Request. Please check it and advice me on this?

Here is buyer request

Good morning, I’ve outlined a few tasks that need to be completed on my WordPress site: * Height and padding in my subnav on one template should match that of others. * Increase the font size of the intro text on the landing page template by 5 points and increase top and bottom padding to match the space between elements. * Decrease padding-top on the default template, while maintaining the layout of the stories template. * Replace the email section on the inner page templates with the one from the homepage and hook to the client’s Constant Contact instance. * Implement the functionality to display a modal when users click the Donate button in the navigation. The content for this lives on a separate page and the model for the modal is available. Please let me know if there are any questions. Thanks!

Hi, Very Good Morning I will do all your changes. but can you please send me your website link, so that I can check all your changes and let you know the quote for the same. I have 5+ years of experience in WordPress Website Development. I have done so many websites in template also done so many custom websites. I have experience with WordPress premium and free themes and Plugins. Looking forward to your response. Thanks Priti

Can you please suggest on this?


Personally I would not bid on this particular request especially when you haven’t seen the website. It looks like a basic HTML/CSS job, but my experience has shown that buyers who post such detailed requirements often request multiple revisions. I know you can set the limit, but Fiverr system doesn’t actually limit the revisions and this entire project will end with a cancellation or poor rating.

So my first tip is to bid on better requests :wink:

Regarding your offer, it doesn’t really explain what you will do and how.

  • So you already know it will be mostly CSS work, why don’t you explain it to the buyer to show you actually know what you’re doing. That way the buyer will know that you’ve understood the request and you already know what you need to do to meet his/her requirements.
  • Don’t mention the years you’ve worked, mention the projects and their outcomes. There are plenty of so called developers who haven’t learned anything in 5 years. Separate yourself with your work samples.
  • Don’t say “so many”. What’s the number? How many of those are relevant to this project? Why they are relevant?



Thank a lot for your suggestions, it will help me lot. I will follow your suggestion and try to improve my Proposals to buyer request.

Also can you please suggest some Proposal Samples for Website Design/Redesign? What type of details should i have to mentioned for Website design/redesign Proposals?



Your English is good but it isn’t perfect. Perhaps aska proofreader/editor to check over an offer which you can use as a basis to answer buyer requests.


Just be professional, be honest and be sure to state how your services will bring real value to them. :slight_smile:


Why do you want to use a template? The idea is to make your proposal stand out not look the same.
You can write up to 1500 chars, which takes 5-10 minutes. I’m sure you can take 5 minutes out of your day to write a custom proposal.

I haven’t used templates for the buyer requests section.


@uxreview Thank a lot Andy. Now i understand about Buyer Request Proposals.


More Focus on what you have different from others.
Your unique points so that they can easily trust you.
Tell them exactly what you can do for them.


I have got 10+ orders from BR. Thank you VERY much for your GREAT Tips & Suggestions for improving BR Proposals. It help me a lot.



First of all very congratulations and you are doing great work. I just want to know what you do design wordpress theme by yourself ? Thank you!