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How To Write FIVERR Description

How To Write FIVERR Description ?

Check this out:


Hi @shaoiebz, In here description means your profile description or Gig descriptions?

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I am having trouble with gig description

On gig description, try to write it within the word limits. Secondly, in the description add as much as more keywords related to your services. Don’t make it too much boring. Make it interesting in terms of reading. And most importantly it shouldn’t have any grammar error.

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What, specifically, are you having trouble with? Maybe some of the things in the (DES) section can help.

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yes i kept all things in Mind This Time :
Please check How Perfectly i have used Keywords this time

there might be Mistakes, Please correct me, so i will Use Right Tactic next GIG

Be specific, to the point.

Start with ‘Hello’, then from the next line be direct that this is what the gig is about, it has so and so features, you’ll be given so and so material, why you should order this gig, why you can be trusted and number of revisions and the price.

I think this is what is needed in a gig description.
Hope this helps. All the best @shaoiebz


Is there any suggestions that I should make on my current gig, mentioned above

Check out the (IMG) section in the link I already provided, specifically, point 2.

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