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How to write killer buyer request

Not getting even a single order and have sent lot of buyer requests.I am thinking that there might be some fault in me in writing the description.Some one can share me the sample of their description please.Badly in need of that. BEST REGARDS


Check this article out:


Miss Gina has some good advice too! :wink:


The most killer buyer request, e-mail, message, etc. is to not use a template and actually write it yourself every time, based on what the buyer request is about. He wants a logo of a plane, you mention the plane, so they know you did not copy-paste some text. It’s killer.


Yes, because the buyer wants to feel a connection with you. I’ve had much success with BR because I write them a note (as to a friend) each time. I tell them why I am a good match for their project and what I can do for them. I mention some of their requirements and how I am going to fulfill it. Some of my best long term buyers came from BR. Try it!


thanks all of you for precious words…

Hi, Helen, Could you send me a real sample you send please.

Thank you so much. :slight_smile: