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How to write killer cover letter for send offer?

Hello Sellers,
Hope you are doing well.

I am Weebly, Wix and Squarespace web designer.
I sent 10 offered daily associated with the gigs I offer. But unfortunately nobody reply my offer.

Would you please send me some suggestions? How I can write good cover letter for send offer?

Looking forward to your suggestions.
Thank you.


This question has been answered a couple of times lately.
Search the forum by using the magnification to the upper right to find the topics.


Thanks. Would you please send some links? :slight_smile:

You want me to use the magnification glass in order to search for you?
Do it yourself, don’t be lazy.


I already read one of cover letter related post using search icon.

I mean if you have any suggested link related my request.

You can click on more than one result, you know :stuck_out_tongue:

This question’s been answered plenty of times.


I am reading. Don’t know which one best for me! :smile:

Neither do we, unfortunately. Wouldn’t you be the one to know what’s best for yourself?

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What @somaginer1996 said, plus: you can ask your additional questions in those topics.


Thanks @mariokluser for your suggestions.

I like this one.


Thanks @vickiespencer

hello all,
I am new seller, i have some mistake of fiverr order, when i got a buyer request for edit some picture that i m not active for his work. so order is cancel. now i don’t get any job, what should i do? anybody help me for this please.

Hello, Your gig description is very short. You can edit your gigs with fully describe your service that you offers. Then you can get new order. Can you send offer in buyer requests?