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How To Write Perfect Gig Description that win client trust

Hello Readers, I’ve seen many freelancers get disappointed because they are not getting orders on Fiverr. There are many factors that come into play. And Bad and not optimized gig description in one of them. In this article, I’ll share some tips to write a perfect gig description that earns client trust and increase your chances of close the deal with that buyer,
The first and most important thing to understand is

People don’t buy a product of services. People buy emotions and value.
If you don’t have a professional and well-written gig description than clients feel that he’ll get no or less value by reading your gig. So,

What to write in a description of your Fiverr gig?
To make it understand better, Let’s divide the gig description in 3 sections.

  1. Head Section
  2. Body Section
  3. Footer Section

The head Section:

In the head section
first " Welcome the buyer "
Then, Give an explicit Introduction
But make sure don’t write your hobbies and extracurricular actives there. The buyer doesn’t give a shit about that. Simply tell your expertise, Core skills you are good at

The Body Section

How and How much value you can add ? keep it to the point and clear
Why you are a perfect choice for that project?

The Footer Section
Add lead magnet. Offer something extra
Invite Buyer to Order.

Wrapping up:-

  1. Dont write your personal stories
  2. It should be “you” ( client focused) Not " I " Focused
  3. Try to Sell Value
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