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How to write Power full buyer request?

Any body could tell me that how to write impressive buyer request please let me know ?
it will be favor for me:)

Same for me…thanks

Several people have taken the time to write good posts on that topic, you probably can find some of those, if you use the forum search function top right. :mag_right:



Like what @miiila said.
You can type in Buyer Requests in the :mag: to find posts like these. How i can Build up ratings? I wrote this and I just can’t be bothered to write it again or even just copy & paste.


thanx for you reply:)

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thanx dear i got it…

Awesome brother i get it very good things


How to write buyer request!

First welcome your client with greetings Like ,Hello Hope you are doing good or doing well

  1. Try to explain the things you will do for client according to his provided details in the request.

  2. Add your portfolio

  3. Mention the ( Files Format ) you will provide to the client in the delivery

5.Mention Delivery Time….